FF-23 (Foam Fighters 23)

This plane was inspired by the YF-23 that competed with the F-22 in the Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) competition held by the Department of Defense.  It is not a true replication  of the YF-23 but does share many of the features and looks. Again these template plans are not intended to be all inclusive instructions, but just a basic template and guideline on how the plane can b

e built. This PDF along with the ATF  video series we did should help anyone wanting to build one these planes for themselves. I wou

ld not recommend this plane to beginners for it is a little more touchy to fly than the FF-22. This plane instead should be buil

t by those with
I created this for Summer Project. at

least a bit of flying experience.

The FF-23

You could get this free plan in http://rcfoamfighters.com/blog/?p=535.













Summer Project!


I am joining Summer Project in my Family. My project is a RC Foam Fighters (aeromodelling from foam).

This time I need to win in The Summer Project.